The 20ft shipping container High Cube is suitable for different kinds of storage and transport. Only new 20ft High Cube (HC) shipping containers are available.

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These high cube containers are a bit higher than regular shipping containers, which, of course, increases the maximum load level slightly. This 20ft HC container is suitable for storage and transport purposes. The details below display the specific dimensions of this type of container.

This new 20ft HC container is suitable for transport by road, rail and water, but can also be used for storage. Besides that it is possible to perform various modifications possible (windows, doors, lighting, etc.) as to meet your specific needs. The containers are stackable and handling is done with a crane and/or forklift. Do you prefer buying a used 20ft HC container instead of a new one? We are more than willing to shorten used 40ft HC containers to 20ft HC containers.

In case you are interested in buying this or another container, it is possible to request a quote online. Please choose your type of container and also specify whether delivery is needed and, if so, where to. We will provide you with a personal price indication within 2 working days.


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