The Rider NG is a maxi electric scooter equivalent to 125 cm3. Its motor is capable of delivering the exceptional power of 18,000 W peak. Its top speed reaches 120 km/h for a record range of 200 km.

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New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

The Rider NG is a high-end maxi electric scooter developed by Go2roues. Of category 125 cm3 , it is suitable for both urban and peri-urban journeys. Despite its high engine power, its administrative category allows it to be accessible from the B permit and the 7-hour training. The Rider NG is the result of extensive design and testing work. Resulting from several years of research , we have particularly worked on the power map of this maxi scooter, naturally eliminating all the unpleasant jerks when accelerating. The result is frank, vigorous and continuous acceleration, easily comparable to that which can be found on scooters 400 cm3 equivalent scooters.– at least. New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

Close up of Rider NG front headlights on

Rider NG: 18,000 Watts of maximum power!

The Rider NG is equipped with an 8000 watt rated motor. And its peak power is phenomenal: 18,000 Watts. This engine will give you very good sensations and an effective recovery to face the vagaries of traffic. Thanks to this power, you will be able to reach 120 km/h and evolve in town and on expressways while adjusting the power delivered thanks to its 3 driving modes. Mode 1 is limited to 60 km/h and favors autonomy.

It is a thoughtful and balanced mode for the city. Accelerations are a little softer. Mode 2 allows you to drive at 90 km/h with accelerations that are always contained. Mode 3 is the fastest and most responsive. Also, to facilitate your parking maneuvers, a reverse gear is fitted as standard. New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

An economical and silent motorization

Its electric motor is integrated in the rear wheel . Thus, there is no need for belt transmission or even chain. This results in significant operating silence and almost non-existent engine maintenance. Although an electric scooter requires regular maintenance, their motors are generally quite low maintenance.

With the Rider NG, the manufacturer’s recommendations call for an engine overhaul after 2,000 hours of operation. In common use with such a scooter, this is more than 150,000 kilometers. In use, this engine will also be extremely economical : driving 100 kilometers in town on the handlebars of the NG will cost you around 0.85 €. For more information on this subject, you can consult our economy simulator. New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

A real autonomy of 120 kilometers in mixed

Thanks to its impressive 8.64 kWh lithium-ion battery , the Rider NG offers a maximum range of 200 kilometers. It will naturally vary depending on your driving style, the outside temperature, the aspect of the road or even the weight on board. 10 kWh, for example, is twice the imposing battery of the Silence S01 .

In reality, with a driver of 80 kg, a temperature of 15°, we will reach a real autonomy of 120 kilometers in mixed use. On the fast lane, maintaining a speed close to the maximum speed, we will exceed 100 kilometers. It is also interesting to note that the Rider NG’s battery is designed to last an average of 60,000 kilometers before its energy capacity gradually decreases. In other words, changing the battery is not to be considered for a very long time. You can learn even more about the autonomy of the NG thanks to our autonomy simulator .

New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

Close-up of the Rider NG's controls

A quick charge

Recharging the Rider NG will be done by plugging it directly into a conventional 220V domestic socket using the cable present in the scooter. This one measures 2 meters 50. No complex or expensive equipment is necessary. A full charge, therefore theoretical, will take up to six hours. In reality, we only recharge very little from 0 to 100% – especially with such autonomy. Charging from 20% to 80%, for example, will take about four hours, only.

The only “regrettable” point could be that the battery is not removable, since it is far too heavy, due to its large capacity. The Rider NG will therefore need to have a shelter or garage with a socket or to only charge from a charging station equipped with E/F (220V) sockets. To learn more about recharging an electric scooter, you can consult our guide. new rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

Maximum comfort for the Rider NG

Saddle comfort is very important. The ride of the Rider NG is smooth. In appearance, it is “heavy”, but its maneuverability is surprising . Naturally, this maxi scooter is approved for 2 places, so you will have plenty of time to introduce a passenger to the pleasures of electric driving: silent and without unpleasant odors…

Another significant point on the Rider NG is its trunk: with a capacity allowing you to carry a full-face helmet and a backpack, it is that of a maxi scooter, no more, no less. Few electric scooters currently on the market can say the same. Also, it receives a USB port in its right glove box. New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

The Rider NG against its competitors

When compared to one of its main competitors, the Red Electric E125  ; the Rider NG has several advantages. It knows how to be just as powerful in use, and much more comfortable – it’s a maxi scooter. The latter has a large trunk under the saddle that can accommodate the equivalent of a full-face helmetand a backpack while the Red has no storage space.

The Red, because of its belt drive, will require more maintenance than the NG and its integrated rear wheel motor. Thanks to these four batteries, the Red Electric E125 has a longer autonomy – but the full charge time, with the standard charger, will take up to 24 hours. During the charging time of the Red Electric E125, the Rider NG will therefore have had time to travel nearly 400 kilometers , and to fully recharge its battery twice. New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

The Rider NG is eligible for Green Bonuses from the state and some local authorities. To learn more about bonuses and bonuses, you can consult our guide. It is guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor, unlimited mileage.

New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles

New rider ng for sale - the parking motorcycles
New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles
New rider ng for sale - the parking motorcycles
New rider ng for sale – the parking motorcycles


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